Grow A Spine


Grow A Spine is the PoC of a simulation of a rigid body striving to reach its maximum height potential. The 'Spine' is represented as a series of interconnected rigid bodies, with the last segment (in blue) acting as a fixed anchor. The red segment is subjected to a force vector, random in both magnitude and direction, equivalent to the segment's weight applied at its center of mass. Whenever the red segment attains a new personal height record, the model is adjusted to incorporate a percentage of the force vector that propelled it to the new position for the next iteration. This process continues until either no new record is set after 10,000 cycles, or the proportion of the recycled force vector reaches 100%.

How To Play

Spacebar - Pauses and unpauses cycles
R - Resets game to beginnign
ESC - Quits game
WASD/Arrows - move camera
Right Click and Move Mouse - rotate camera
Scrollwheel - zoom
Click Scrollwheel and Move Mouse - pan camera